Zamaneh Media announces the launch of Daadkhast – دادخواست (lit. ‘Petition’) in Persian – the first digital petitioning platform for Iran and the Iranian diaspora. With sufficient grassroots support, issues will develop into full-blown petitions, with community activists ‘canvassing’ online and offline communities to encourage people to sign. When a petition reaches its target number of signatories, the petition and its list of signatories is presented to the key decision-maker best placed to act on the community’s request.

“It is with great happiness and excitement that we announce the launch of Daadkhast to better serve the Iranian public in reporting issues that are important to them and to rally public support,” said Mohamad-Reza Nikfar, Zamaneh Media’s Chief Editor. “With Daadkhast, Zamaneh Media sets out to provide a platform that makes it easier for people to bring the things they care about the most to the attention of others, including those in positions of power inside Iran.”

In the past six months, community activists and civil society organizations have submitted issues and authored petitions that concern human rights, female empowerment, and the environment, to name a few. During the sunrise period, some 20 issues and 35 petitions were published on the platform, garnering over 400 endorsements and 700 signatures. These issues and petitions have now been moved to, the permanent new home of Iran’s petitioning platform. The following is a list of some of the petitions:

Call on the Iranian Judiciary to abolish the death penalty for juvenile delinquents
Call on the Iranian Parliament to raise the legal age of marriage in Iran
Call for an independent trial of Ebrahim Raisi

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