About Zamaneh Media

Zamaneh Media is an independent Persian language media organisation in exile based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our mission is rooted in the freedom of expression, guiding our democratic pursuit to enable access to uncensored experiences, information and news from the realities in which they take place. Focusing primarily on Iran, its region and diaspora, our team is united through this mission, seeking to amplify the voices and topics less explored.

Our Platforms

Radio Zamaneh

Born out of an initiative led by Iranian journalists and Free Press Unlimited after a motion in the Dutch parliament, Radio Zamaneh was formed in 2005 and registered as a non-profit in 2006 to support the development of media plurality in Iran (and other Persian speaking countries). Since then, Radio Zamaneh has operated as an independent media platform serving to inform and create awareness about a multitude of subjects in Iran and its surroundings through an impartial lens. A space for alternative voices missed in mainstream media, Radio Zamaneh accents topics concerning human rights, labor rights, the LGBTIQA+ community, women and ethnic minorities such as Kurdish and Baluch people. A radio broadcaster until 2017, Radio Zamaneh has since carried on its name as an online news medium for Persian speakers inside and outside Iran. 


Daadkhast, is recognized as the first secure digital petitioning platform in Iran. Set up in 2019, Daadkhast’s purpose is to empower Iranian citizens by providing a space where they can transform their grievances – big or small – into a collective call to action. The platform encourages citizens to engage in constructive dialogue about justice and accountability through the practice of petitioning. Daadkhast promotes petitioning as a key practice for raising awareness about citizens’ rights and moving forward in the understanding of justice.

Tribune Zamaneh

Radio Zamaneh’s citizen journalism counterpart, Tribune Zamaneh (created in 2013), extends Radio Zamaneh’s values, encouraging the average citizen to share perspectives missed by mainstream media. Through the collection and discussion of grassroots content, Tribune Zamaneh seeks to develop an inclusive understanding of Iran on a wide range of topics.

Our Organisation

Zamaneh Media is made up of a network of more than 30 journalists, media professionals and other staff scattered across the globe.

Joris van Duijne – Executive Director, Zamaneh Media:

Joris van Duijne has been the Executive Director of Zamaneh Media since 2019, where he held various roles prior. With a strong background in International Relations and media development, van Duijne brings several years of experience in the implementation of press freedom, media development and grant management. Over the years, Van Duijne has worked for Free Voice (later Free Press Unlimited) on projects in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and Bahrain, the Doha Centre for Media Freedom in Qatar and has served as Interim Director of al-Sawt al-Hurr in Cairo. Van Duijne holds a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Relations, both from the University of Amsterdam and has made written several academic articles on the political economy of the Persian Gulf region and Saudi-Iranian relations, published by the Middle East Institute, Instituto Affari Internazionali, Middle East Policy, Georgetown University (Routledge) and King’s College London (Hurst & Co).

For all institutional matters, as well as requests for press coverage or issues related to exiled media or media development, please contact Joris van Duijne:
director [at] radiozamaneh [dot] com

Iman Ganji – Editor-in-Chief, Radio Zamaneh:

Iman Ganji is an Iranian writer and scholar in exile, and the author of numerous works in both Farsi and English. Born in Mashhad, Ganji began his journalism career during his bachelor’s studies at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, where he resided from 2004 to 2012. He later pursued a Master in Philosophy in Arts at Tehran Art University, during which he co-translated philosophy books and worked as a translator, writer, and activist. Ganji continued his studies after moving to Europe, where he earned an International Master’s in Performance and Theatre Studies and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts Research from Freie Universität Berlin. After studying in Germany, Serbia, the UK, and the Netherlands, Ganji joined Zamaneh in 2017, and was appointed Deputy Editor-in-Chief in 2019. As of October 2023, Iman Ganji serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Radio Zamaneh.

For all editorial related issues, please contact Iman Ganji: editor [at] radiozamaneh [dot] com