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Years of prison term and 148 lashes for women’s rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh

Reuters- Nasrin Sotoudeh, an internationally renowned human rights lawyer jailed in Iran, was handed a new sentence on Monday which her husband said was 38 years in prison and 148 lashes. Sotoudeh, who has represented […]

Heavy Sentence for Lawyer Investigating Police Brutality

Iranian lawyer, Mohammad Najafi, has been sentenced to ten years in jail for “assisting hostile governments by participating in interviews with foreign media”. Najafi is already serving another three-year sentence in Arak Prison. The Human […]

Gold Traders Executed for Charge of Corruption on Earth

Vahid Mazlumin, the infamous “King of the God Coin”, was executed on Wednesday morning, November 14 in Tehran. Mazlumin was found guilty of corruption on earth through the formation of a network of corruption, disrupting the economic and monetary system of Iran by conducting illegal transactions, smuggling and large-scale exchange and acquisition of gold coins.

Iranian Authorities Consider Street Concerts to Raise Public Confidence

Iranian authorities are going to issue permits for street concerts according to a statement from a Tehran City Councillor.

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A Mother in an Iranian Jail: The Latest Dispute between the UK and Iran

Iran has rejected the recent announcement by the UK government to grant British diplomatic protection to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who is in jail in Iran. Furthermore, they have refused to acknowledge the British citizenship of the […]

Oil, a Coup d’Etat and the Enduring Legacy of Mohammad Mosaddeq

“Mosaddeq occupies a special place in the Iranian collective memory: he is widely regarded as a man of integrity and courage, a  statesman who consistently adhered to the ethical and political principles that he publicly […]

Connecting to the Field: the Case of the Girl with the Blue Hair

Access to the field is vital to make change possible. It is people like Sepideh Gholian that are connecting us, the media, to the field. She shines, where technology fails us.

Mykonos Assassinations: a Cold Case or an Undelivered Message?

Kazem Darabi, who was convicted of involvement in the Iranian state-sponsored assassinations of dissident Kurds on German soil, ended up serving 15 years behind German bars. Darabi has recently published a book denying his involvement […]

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