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A wall in the so-called "Kidney Street", officially Farhang Hosseini street, in Tehran. On the wall, there is a mobile phone number with this explanation: "Center for buying and selling organs", 2020

Instagram used as a market place for illegal organ trafficking

Organ trafficking is increasingly taking place online, including on Instagram, according to an investigation by the Iranian exile media Zamaneh.Instagram is only obliged to remove content that the service becomes aware of.Experts call for legislation on digital liability. "Hi Sister, do you want to sell your kidney?"  This is the...

“Hey sister! Do you sell your kidney?”

“Hey sister! Do you sell your kidney?”

My name is Sarah. I’m 23, and I live in Northern Iran with my mother and my younger sister. Those who have visited villages in Gilan province, know that most people living in this breathtakingly beautiful, rich nature are poverty-stricken. Even those who own a piece of land or a...

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