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Moderates Aiming for Gender Inclusivity in City Administration

With the victory of the Iranian moderates in the municipal elections, many are entertaining the prospect of a reversal of the recent anti-women policies in the workplace. President Rohani’s deputy in Citizen’s Rights Affairs, Shahindokht Molaverdi was quoted demanding a “revisiting of women’s rights” in the context of urban development.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Welcomes Restoration of Relations With Qatar

The spokesperson for Iran Foreign Ministry has welcomed Qatar’s decision to send back its ambassador to Tehran.

Iranian Athletes Disciplined for Vying against Israeli Adversaries

Two Iranian football players, Masoud Shojaei and Ehsan Hajsafi have been barred from playing in Iran’s national football team because the two played against Israeli adversaries as part of their football club activities.

Women in President Rohani’s Cabinet

There are conflicting news regarding the presence of women in President Rohani’s new cabinet. Some say women might be present at the ministerial level while others say there is no such prospect for women. The women already serving in the Rohani cabinet have not been able to confirm that a woman will act as minister in the next government.

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Yazd City Council will not Tolerate Suspension of Zoroastrian Member

The suspension of Sepanta Niknam, the Zoroastrian Yazd City Councillor by the Administrative Court of Justice has sparked outrage amongst his peers and the public. A defeated hardliner candidate of the municipal elections has targeted Niknam for not being Muslim and has argued non-Muslims cannot run for office in a Muslim majority country.

Spike in Labor Protests in Iran is Changing the Political Milieu

The sharp increase in the number of labor protests in the past few months suggests that in the near future, the Iranian labor movement is going to transform the political equation in Iran and more workers are going to be voices of dissent against the economic conditions.

Iranian Miners’ Call for Justice Echoes in Social Media

In December of 2015 miners of Agh Dareh gold mines staged a number of protests which earned many miners imprisonment, flogging and hefty fines. Some of the miners described their treatment in a 59 second video where one of the Agh Dareh residents stresses that miners were imprisoned, flogged and fined simply because they wanted to work and earn a living.

The video went viral in Iranian social media highlighting the importance of recounting acts of state cruelty against Iranian workers for the public.

The miners were arrested and sentenced following complaints filed by the mine’s ownership. They were charged with impeding business, vandalism and disorderly behaviour.

Media reflection of the events triggered a parliamentary probe which issued its report last August confirming that the charges had no foundation. According to the report, the miners had not engaged in impeding business and disturbing public safety and order. They were merely protesting their mas lay off and wanted to meet with management to talk matters over.

Iran’s Health Officials Raise Alarm over Islamic Medicine

A phenomenon referred to as “Islamic Medicine” has been rapidly growing in popularity in Iran raising concerns in the Ministry of Health. The ministry has been calling on the Administrative Office of Seminaries to assist the ministry in denying the legitimacy of these services.

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