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Environmental activists detained in Shiraz without representation

A group of detained environmental activists in Shiraz have been subjected to severe interrogation sessions while five of them are being held in solitary confinement in the Ministry of Intelligence section of Shiraz Prison without access to legal counsel.

Join Zamaneh Media for 10yr. Anniversary

2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of Zamaneh Media. These 10 years have seen major developments in Iran and in the region. Telling examples include the Green Movement in 2009 and more recently the Iran […]

Iran Pressed to Release Homa Hoodfar

Canadian and Irish academic communities have taken further initiatives to speak out against the arrest of Homa Hoodfar, Iranian-Canadian professor who is currently held prisoner in Iran.

Iranian Sunni cleric: execution of Sunnis will have negative consequences

Molavi Abdolhamid, the leader of the Baluchi Sunni minority in Zahedan province in Iran has raised his concern about the execution of 20 Sunni religious activists. On 5 Aug, Abdolhamid, the Sunni Friday prayer Imam […]

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A political prisoner is challenging Iranian state impunity while serving a 15 year sentence

Maryam Akbari Monfared is a political prisoner in Iran serving a 15 year sentence and is now taking the state judiciary to court for the unlawful execution of four of her siblings and the imprisonment of her mother, all of whom were political prisoners in the 1980s in Iran.

Prison conditions in Iran cause slow death of prisoners

A group of political prisoners in Rejaishahr Prison in Karaj protest against the violation of their basic rights including access to healthcare as prisoners.

Iranian Nobel laureate calls for global solidarity for release of Narges Mohammadi

The Defenders for Human Rights Centre along with the chair of the organization, Shrin Ebadi asked the global community to join in solidarity with a campaign that calls for the immediate release of political prisoner Narges Mohammadi.

Women’s sports in Iran after the Revolution

Zamaneh Media talks to Tonia Valioghli about the situation of women’s sports in Iran before and after the Revolution and the recent controversy emerging in the sidelines of the Women’s World Chess Championship set to be held in Tehran in February 2017.

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