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Spike in website traffic brings Daadkhast service down

Iran’s petitioning platform, Daadkhast, was down for 30 to 90 minutes, sometime between 16:45 and 18:15 CET on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Zamaneh Media continues to work with partners to find out and attribute the […]

Iranian Photographer and Journalist, Nooshin Jafari Imprisoned under Unknown Conditions

Colleagues are concerned as affiliated state soft war actors have raised alarming accusations against Nooshin Jafari, an Iranian Journalist who was arrested on Monday.

Journalist to Serve two Years in Prison for Insulting Iranian Officials

Judge Mohammad Moghiseh of Branch 28 of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Court had sentenced Kazemi to 4.5 years in prison on several charges including insulting the supreme leader of the country, ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Another Member of the Free Union of Iranian Workers Arrested in Tehran

Shapour Ehsani Rad, of the board of directors of the Free Union of Iranian Workers (FUIW) has been arrested on Monday 29th of July at his workplace.

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Borhan Mansornia: a Kurdish Veterinarian Killed in the Gasoline Protests in Iran

Borhan Mansornia was only 28 years old when he was shot and killed in the November uprising in the Kurdish majority city of Kermanshah. Kurdistan and Khuzestan, the two provinces with a substantial number of ethnic and religious minority citizens, suffered the highest casualties.

“Righteous Machismo”, Weaponized

Urban legends abound on both sides of the Iran-Iraq border. A salient trope in these stories is sexual transgression and honorable revenge.

A Child, a Single Mom and a Bookseller: the Stories of those Killed in the Gasoline Protests of Iran

The names of those killed by security forces in the gasoline protests in Iran are slowly being verified. Zamaneh has spoken to sources close to a single mom, a schoolboy and a male model who have been killed to narrate their stories.

The Economy of the Suppression of Gas Protests in Iran

The recent protests in Iran are an outcome of severe underlying economic and political pressure, which needs to be addressed by the international community.

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