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Heavy Sentence for Lawyer Investigating Police Brutality

Iranian lawyer, Mohammad Najafi, has been sentenced to ten years in jail for “assisting hostile governments by participating in interviews with foreign media”. Najafi is already serving another three-year sentence in Arak Prison. The Human […]

Gold Traders Executed for Charge of Corruption on Earth

Vahid Mazlumin, the infamous “King of the God Coin”, was executed on Wednesday morning, November 14 in Tehran. Mazlumin was found guilty of corruption on earth through the formation of a network of corruption, disrupting the economic and monetary system of Iran by conducting illegal transactions, smuggling and large-scale exchange and acquisition of gold coins.

Iranian Authorities Consider Street Concerts to Raise Public Confidence

Iranian authorities are going to issue permits for street concerts according to a statement from a Tehran City Councillor.

Iran’s Economic Crisis Affecting Migrant Workers

Iran’s economic crisis is exacerbating the problems already faced by migrating laborers from Afghanistan. With the steep fall in the value of Iran’s national currency, these workers, who are mostly working illegally, can no longer make enough to make ends meet and provide for needs of their families back in Afghanistan.

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Labor Activists Arrested after Speaking out against Torture in Jail

Iranian labor Activist Esmail Bakhshi has been arrested again by Islamic Republic authorities after having spoken out against being tortured and abused in the course of his previous arrest.

Death of a Victim of Sexual Assault has led to Controversy about an Iranian MP Accused of the Crime 

The controversy surrounding the death of a young woman who had filed sexual assault charges against an Iranian MP has forced the Iranian parliament to respond. 

Tortured Iranian Labor Activist Demands Accountability from the Government

Released labor rights leader Esmail Bakhshi has spoken openly about being subjected to severe torture and abuse during his detention and is calling on the Minister of Intelligence for an explanation of his treatment while in custody.

Winter Solstice Celebration in Iran and Rising Prices of Food

Iran’s food industry is under severe stress. Organizations representing food producers and manufacturers report a severe shortage of raw materials as well as cash flow adding that this could lead to the closure of many food-related production units.

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