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Iranian Wrestlers Urge Authorities to Lift Ban on Facing Israeli Athletes

Efforts by Iranian wrestlers and Iran’s Wrestling Federation to lift the ban on facing Israeli athletes in the sports arena have fallen short of success. Rasoul Khadem, head of Iran’s Wrestling Federation rendered his resignation in protest to the ban on Iranian wrestlers to face Israeli opponents in international games. A special meeting was convened to convince Khadem to withdraw his resignation. Attempts to return him to his post failed after he left the session in further protest.

Zamaneh Media Proud Sponsor of Iran Cyber Dialogue 2018

Zamaneh Media is proud to present its sponsorship of this year’s Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD). ICD is an annual event where a growing number of organizations and individuals active in human rights work for Iran […]

Islamic Republic Authorities Dismiss Protests against Compulsory Hijab

Iranian authorities dismissed the recent protests against compulsory hijab describing them as scattered and insignificant acts. Iran’s Prosecutor General described the protest of a young woman on Enghelab Street to compulsory hijab as “an emotional […]

Defending the Sacred Regime in Iran with Baton Wielding School Kids

Iranian authorities appear to have once more fallen back on their old way of dealing with people’s protests.

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Iran’s judiciary banned the Popular Telegram Messaging App

Iran’s judiciary banned the Popular Telegram Messaging App with over 40 million Active Users

Activists and UN Officials Call on Iran to Stop the Hanging of a Kurdish Prisoner

UN officials and right to life activists in Iran have called upon Iran to stop the execution of a Kurdish prisoner who has reportedly not received a fair trial and has been tortured in prison.

Iranian Woman MP Legitimizes Protest against Compulsory Hijab

Head of Iranian Parliament’s Women’s Faction reports that their faction has been investigating the protests against compulsory hijab in Iran that started as of December 2017. She added that sessions to review these protests, where a number of sociologists as well as representatives of the judiciary and the executive branch will be in attending are underway.

Iranian Authorities to Block Telegram Access to Public

Head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iranian Parliament announced that within a month, Telegram App will be completely replaced by a national social media platform.

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