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Islamic Republic Hardliners Question Oil Contract with Total

Conservative factions of the Islamic Republic are making an effort to slow the implementation of an agreement the Rohani administration has made with French company Total for the development of Southern Pars oil project.

Women Embalmers Slam Court for Demeaning their Profession

The Islamic Council of the Workers of Tehran’s largest cemetery, Beheshte Zahra announced that it has filed a complaint against a recent court sentencing. The sentence involves a woman who was convicted of having illicit relations with a man. She was reportedly sentenced to 74 lashes and two years forced labour at in a mortuary.

Iranian Moderates under Fire by Conservative Factions

Iranian president Hassan Rohani and his government were targeted with insults and attacks in the demonstrations of final Friday of Ramadan being held across Iran.

Rouhani Welcoming French Cars before Election Day

While the moderate forces of the Islamic Republic are rallying behind Hassan Rouhani and the conservatives behind hardliner Ebrahim Raisi, the presence of French car manufacturers in Iran is being used as a campaign tool by the incumbent president Hassan Rouhani to win the coming elections.

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Iranian Government Responds to the Demand of the Hunger Striking Opposition Leader

Government of Hassan Rouhani has responded to the demands of Mehdi Karroubi, an opposition leader who was on hunger strike in house arrest. Karroubi is demanding life without surveillance and presence of security officer as well as a public trial. As such the ailing 80-year-old has ended his hunger strike which has sent him to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Tehran.

Iranian Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi Goes on Hunger Strike to Challenge Arrest

Mehdi Karroubi, one of the opposition leaders of Iran’s Green Movement who has been under house arrest since 2010 is now refusing food in protest to the conditions of his arrest. Karoubi decided to go […]

Frequent Concert Cancellations in Iran draws Fire from the Music Community

The musicians in Iran are constantly being harassed and mistreated by the conservatives who are in power in judiciaries, especially in religious urban centers. They are now asking Iranian president to stand up for their rights.

Afghan Migrant Workers in Iran: Continuing Struggle and Exploitation

This short report is based on field observation and research inside Iran and paints the picture of the situation of Afghan migrant workers in Iran.

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