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Islamic Republic Authorities Dismiss Protests against Compulsory Hijab

Iranian authorities dismissed the recent protests against compulsory hijab describing them as scattered and insignificant acts. Iran’s Prosecutor General described the protest of a young woman on Enghelab Street to compulsory hijab as “an emotional […]

Defending the Sacred Regime in Iran with Baton Wielding School Kids

Iranian authorities appear to have once more fallen back on their old way of dealing with people’s protests.

Iran: Running Under the Howling Bullets

The experience of the protests in Iran’s streets is very different from the reports we are getting in the state media. What is going on in the streets of Iran? Are they chanting slogans against the government? Are protesters demanding regime change or are their demands related to the ailing economy, unemployment and hunger? Are protesters chanting in support of the late deposed monarchy or some form of a republic?

Protesters Rally across Iran against Rising Prices and Austerity Measures

On Friday, December-29, one day after protests stormed the city of Mashhad and several other cities in Khorasan Razavi province, demonstrators took to the streets of several other cities across Iran.

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Zamaneh Media Proud Sponsor of Iran Cyber Dialogue 2018

Zamaneh Media is proud to present its sponsorship of this year’s Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD). ICD is an annual event where a growing number of organizations and individuals active in human rights work for Iran […]

Iran Arrests Women Protesting against Discriminatory Laws

Efforts by women’s rights activists to stage demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Labour on International Women’s Day was met with violence on March 8. Women’s rights activists report that 80 protesters including some male activists were arrested.

300 Iranian Dervishes Remain under Arrest after Clashes with Security Forces

After clashes with security forces in Iran, more than 300 Sufi Dervishes remain under arrest and more have been arrested in smaller cities or trying to enter Tehran, where clashes took place. Iranian sufi Dervishes […]

Interview with an Enghelab Street Woman Protesting Compulsory Hijab

The interview you are about to read speaks to Setareh, one of the Women of Enghlab Street, a name dedicated to the women who are fighting for their right to choose their own attire.

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