Iranian security forces attacked a group who were protesting the arrest of Iranian prominent human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh including her husband, Reza Khandan.

Photo from Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI)

On 17 June, Iranian security forces attacked a group of protesters who had gathered in front of Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. The group had gathered there to protest the detention of Nasrin Sotoudeh who was arrested earlier this week and is being held without charge.

Iranian Activists in front of Evin prison announced that they were being physically attacked by security forces. They then announced that nine individuals including Reza Khandan were arrested and taken inside the prison.

The nine individuals arrested were later released according to Reza Khandan

Reza Khandan announced on Facebook that he was physically attacked outside Evin Prison. He was then arrested but released after hours of detention.

The protesting groups have published photos of their bruised bodies.

It is unclear what charges Nasrin Sotoudeh is being held for but her latest advocacy work has involved women’s rights activists objecting to the compulsory veil in Iran. Sotoudeh has also voiced her objection against a policy that requires lawyers representing political prisoners be subject to state’s Judiciary’s vetting.  According to this policy, only 20 state selected lawyers can have access to political prisoner files.

This is the second time the Islamic Republic arrests Sotoudeh. She has been active representing political prisoners in Iran and was slapped with national security charges in 2010 and sentenced to eleven years which was reduced to three years imprisonment in the appeals court.

Reza Khandan has spoken to the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) confirming his wife’s arrest. The agents told Sotoudeh that she must serve a five-year prison sentence without providing further details, according to Khandan.