The Isfahan Provincial Court has issued an order prohibiting mixed-gender tours and tourist groups from entering the tourist region of Maranjab and the underground city of Nooshabad.


Prosecutor Mohsen Tajafrooz told ISNA on Thrusday December 10 that mixed tours and tourist groups are “an affront to religious and revolutionary values”, adding that some women have been spotted removing the hijab in Maranjab.

He said the order has been issued to ban all mixed-gender tourist groups from the region.
The local Friday Mass Imam has also called for strict regulation of tourism in Maranjab or the complete closure of the area to all tourists.

He called for the establishment of kiosks with security personnel, the observation of religious ceremonies, and approval procedures for tours with eligible guides.

The Maranjab desert, with its high sand dunes, unique vegetation and wildlife, draws numerous tours and tourists each year.