Omid Kokabi, the Iranian physicist who has been jailed for refusing to collaborate with Iran’s military research program, is reportedly suffering from cancer of the kidney.

Omid Kokabi

Omid Kokabi

Saeed Khalili, Kokabi’s lawyer, told ILNA that a series of tests has finally returned the cancer diagnosis.

Khalili adds that Kokabi is in need of immediate surgery to remove the cancerous cells.

While serving time for over five years, Kokabi has repeatedly suffered from kidney stones and bleeding.

Kokabi is referred to as a physics genius with extensive qualifications in laser research.

He has been sentenced to 10 years in jail, and his lawyer says in view of his medical condition and that he has already served half of his sentence, the judge should grant him his release.

Kokabi’s mother has also written an open letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader requesting the release of her son. In another letter in 2014, 18 nobel laureates also urged Ayatollah Khamenei to secure the release of the young physicist.