Demand-based protests of Iranian workers are no longer only about increasing wages, the betterment of job security or less exploitation but more focused on maintaining job opportunities, receiving past due wages, and calls for release of the arrested labor activists. This is mainly because an increase in unemployment and poverty has dramatically changed the status quo as far as Iranian workers are concerned.

The pressure of economic sanctions is felt by the whole of the Iranian economy and is directly transferred to workers and other marginalized social groups. Poverty and unemployment are on the rise. Workers’ wages, especially those of government workers and government contractors’ workers, are not paid under the pretext of the economic crisis – the argument is the sanctions have affected the funds available. There are workers protesting these conditions all over Iran. Under these conditions, security authorities within factories, mines, service, and civil sector are intimidating the workers to remain silent.

The current and fourth bi-monthly Labor Report of Zamaneh Media covers events in the approximate range of June-July 2019 and covers major issues faced by the Iranian workers including:

  • Growing Unemployment;
  • Growing Economic Hardships;
  • Repression and Threats;
  • Continuous Arrest and Harassment of Workers and Students;
  • Preventing the Return to Work of Members of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company Union;
  • The Safety of Women Labor Prisoners in Custody;
  • Dismissals and Layoffs;
  • Workers’ Protests;
  • The Farmers’ Protest Against the Lack of Water Rights;
  • Preschool Teachers and Educators’ Protests;
    The Retired Workers’ Conditions;
  • Workplace Safety;
  • Violent Suppression of Peddlers, Hawkers and Street Vendors;
  • The Kulbars;
  • Child Labor;
  • And Migrant Workers.

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Labor Rights in Iran vol 7 June-July 2019

Labor Rights in Iran

No. 7
June-July 2019

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