Hundreds of retired teachers, social workers, the workers of Telecommunication Company of Iran (Mokhaberat), as well as private sector contractors who had work for the company have gathered in front of Iran’s parliament to demand their rights.

As of 10 am 21 Feb, the Association of Retired Teachers has planned a sit in protest in front of Iranian parliament.

Other workers including workers for the Telecommunication Company of Iran have also joined the protest demanding wages that are passed due, or not increased.

Worker in front of the parliament are demanding an increase to minimum wage as well as an increase to bonuses that are often provided for worker’s family and household expenditure.

Reporters at the Iranian parliament say that there is a crowd of 500 present carrying placards and slogans. The protest has been peaceful.

Statistical Center of Iran, a government entity, announced that from the spring of 2015 to the spring of 2016, unemployment raised 0.4 percent with 729,000 Iranians losing their jobs. The stats for 2016 summer to winter are not yet available, but many workers, particularly in the industries are losing their jobs or are left with unpaid wages for months.