Nazak Afshar, a former staff member of the French Embassy in Tehran, was released from Evin Prison on Sunday evening, April 24.

Nazak Afshar

Nazak Afshar

Mizan Khabar reported that Afshar was released on Sunday but did not indicate whether the release is temporary.

The Kaleme website later reported that Afshar was released on bail of 500 million toumans.

The release came just hours after it was announced that she had been sentenced to six years in prison. It’s not yet clear what charges she faces.

Afshar left the country after the 2009 election protests, during which she had been arrested for sheltering protesters in the embassy. She was not charged and upon her release she left the country.

She was arrested in March at the Tehran airport when she returned to visit her ailing mother.

Reports indicate she was held in solitary for two days and fainted on several occasions during the interrogations.