Iran faces difficulty in printing schoolbooks for the next school year, according to a senior official in the Research and Planning Organization of Iranian Education Ministry. A considerable increase in the price of paper and its shortage has caused problems in planning for printing the schoolbooks, Ali Bagherzade said on Thursday.

Iranian Textbooks for Primary Schools

The price of textbooks for primary schools and high schools has increased by 10% to 17% compared to the previous year, Bagherzadeh said.

According to Bagherzade, the government has yet to decide how to subsidize the import of papers. After the United States left the 2015 nuclear deal and reinstated economic sanctions against Iran, the Iranian Riyal plunged to a third of its value before sanctions and the price of papers has increased dramatically.

Tehran then put paper on its list of “strategic commodities”.

The increase in the price of paper has led newspapers to the verge of bankruptcy. Publishing houses have also reported difficulties in printing books.

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