Out of Iran, a documentary produced by Radio Zamaneh and directed by Iranian filmmaker Farid Haerinejad, follows the journeys of LGBT individuals as they flee Iran and travel to the West. It explores their complex journeys as they escape a repressive regime, only to face new challenges as immigrants in Western countries.

Members of the Iranian LGBT community face overt discrimination at the hands of a repressive regime that regards homosexuality as a crime punishable by death. In addition, they are ostracized by Iranian society and forced into isolation. Dreaming of better lives, many therefore decide to leave their homeland and seek asylum in Western countries. Unfortunately, their dreams often fade as they encounter the harsh realities of a complex immigration system and the difficulties of being a sexual minority in a new country.

Out of Iran gives us a rare opportunity to glimpse into the trials and tribulations of the Iranian LGBT members who, rejected by their country, uproot themselves from their homeland in search of a better life.