Jailed journalist Mohammad Davari has suffered a heart attack in Evin Prison after hearing the news of his brother’s death.

The Kaleme website reports that Mohammad Davari, a teacher and former editor-in-chief of Saham News, suffered a heart attack on February 11 upon hearing the news of his brother’s passing.

Davari’s brother died last Thursday, and Davari was informed of it yesterday by some prison visitors.

Davari was reportedly transferred to the prison infirmary and later sent to Modarres Hospital.

Davari has been in jail for the past three years and has not been given a day of furlough in all that time.

He was arrested in September of 2009 when he published a letter from Mehdi Karroubi to the head of the Expediency Council, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, about the “torture and abuse of political prisoners at the Kahrizak Detention Centre.”

Parliament later investigated the Kahrizak case and confirmed that three prisoners were killed under torture at the centre. Kahrizak was closed down by the order of Iran’s Supreme Leader after news of the torture and abuses leaked into the media, and Mehdi Karroubi’s efforts to expose the case were instrumental in that regard.

Some reports indicate that Davari has been under pressure in prison to testify against Mehdi Karroubi. Davari is serving a five-year sentence.

The evidence against him only focuses on his interviews with the victims of the Kahrizak abuses and, under the supervision of Mehdi Karroubi, making a film to be presented to courts.