Zamaneh Media is proud to present its sponsorship of this year’s Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD). ICD is an annual event where a growing number of organizations and individuals active in human rights work for Iran come together to network and discuss current topics at the intersection of human rights, technology and civil society.

We are experiencing tumultuous times within the Iranian diaspora and human rights and tech community, which is why at Zamaneh we believe now is the most urgent time to meet each other in dialogue. We believe that this year’s ICD will provide us with the excellent opportunity to not only discuss current issues in Iran, that are many and urgent but to also reflect on our organization’s policies and operation and how we collectively can progress our efforts in supporting civil society on the ground.

We would like to invite everyone within this community:

  • To join us in dialogue, so we can strengthen each other’s work for Iran;
  • To come with an open mind, so we can empower each other and ensure all voices are heard;
  • To bring your ideas and best practices, for learning and growing.

As an independent media organization, it is our mission to above all facilitate dialogue and support free speech. We normally do that online, this time we are happy to be able to support offline debate and exchange, which we feel is of great importance to the hard work all of us are doing.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at ICD 2018.