A number of protesters were arrested by Islamic Republic authorities on Saturday November 21 in front of Evin Prison in Tehran.


The Human Rights Reporters News Agency reports that police arrested the protesters in front of Evin Prison and transferred them to various detention centres.

Among the detainees were Hashem Zinali, the father of a student activist who was arrested and has been missing since July of 1999; Simin Eyvazzadeh, the mother of a political prisoner; Reza Maleki, a former political prisoner as well as Mohsen Shoja and a number of other students of Ali Taheri, another political prisoner.

The report indicates that the detainees were transferred to different locations after being taken for questioning at Evin Court.

Eyvazzadeh was reportedly sent to Varamin Prison, Mohsen Shoja and Ali Taheri’s other students were taken to the Revolutionary Guards ward of Evin Prison. The whereabouts of Reza Maleki and Hashem Zainali are currently unknown.