A brown bear died on Friday January 2 after a road accident occurred between Ardebil and Parsabad in northwestern Iran. ISNA reports that the news was confirmed by the head of the Ardebil Department of the Environment, who said that despite the efforts of rangers, the rare animal died some hours after the collision due to the severity of its injuries.

Reza Mousavi reportedly has called on all citizens and travelers in the region to obey speed limits and be wary of the wildlife.

The accident occurred in the protected region of Moghan in the northern part of Ardebil Province, which is home to wildlife like the wolf, fox, jackal, rabbit, wild boar, eagle, bear and hawk.

Iranian deer have become completely extinct in the region due to unregulated and excessive hunting. The Iranian brown bear, also a victim of widespread hunting, has been on the International World Conservation list of endangered species since 2004.