Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the nuclear negotiations with the 5+1 will resume on January 15 at the level of deputy ministers.

ISNA reported on Tuesday that Zarif announced that date at a meeting with members of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, adding that “the Islamic Republic is prepared to face any eventuality”.

The report says the foreign minister stressed that the goal of the negotiating team is “the complete removal of sanctions all at once”.

The world powers have already eased some of the international sanctions against Iran, after the parties reached an interim deal in November 2013 in Geneva. However, the U.S. insists that the entire array of sanctions still persists and will not be removed until a comprehensive deal is reached.

Zarif said: “The other party had a heavy responsibility and has been under various forms of pressure. However, we are standing firm and, as the Supreme Leader has stated, if there is a reasonable proposal, we will accept it, and if not, we are prepared for any eventuality.”

Ayatollah Khamenei has said that Iran will accept a “fair and reasonable agreement”.

The parties have extended the deadline for a final agreement to July 1, 2015.