Iran’s minister of health says Iranian society is prone to violence and needs to re-examine the issue in order to overcome it.

In a memo entitled “Finding a Solution for Violence in Society” that was published in the Etelaat daily on Saturday December 6, Hassan Ghazizadeh writes that he spoke at length in the latest cabinet meeting about the “increase in violence within society”.

He describes the problems as a “cultural and psychological problem” that needs to be addressed by “teaching the need to communicate with words.” He writes: “We need to practice interacting verbally from home to schools to society. The media has a heavy responsibility in this regard.”

Hashemi expressed every hope that “everyone will step onto the field and not allow the people’s peace to be sullied by inadequate behaviour.”

In recent months, there have been several violent attacks against women in public, with a number of acid throwing assaults in Isfahan and stabbings in Jahrom.