Islamic republic hardliner Ahmad Jannati has commended Parliament for rejecting President Rohani's candidate for the position of science minister, emphasizing in his speech at the Tehran Friday Mass Prayers that people who are linked to "sedition" should not be proposed for top government posts.

The Iranian establishment refers to the election protests of 2009 as sedition.

Jannati criticized President Rohani for insisting on presenting candidates from the reformist factions who are, in Ahmad Jannati's own estimation, connection to "sedition."

President Rohani has now put forth four candidates for the position of science minister and all have been rejected or impeached by Parliament.

Jannati also addressed the nuclear negotiations in Vienna, which are on their last lap, and called on the Iranian negotiating team to "beware and not give in to humiliation".

Iran and the 5+1 are in Vienna trying to reach a final resolution regarding Iran's nuclear program and the international sanctions on the country by the November 24 deadline.