Tehran Municipality has accepted the auditor’s report that children below the legal working age  have been engaged in work done on its developments and sanitary projects, explaining that they are being engaged by contractors and not directly by the City.

The head of the City Auditor’s Office, Mostafa Feizi, told ILNA that although children can be seen wearing city uniforms while collecting garbage, these children are not in fact employees of the municipality of Tehran but rather are hired by contractors that do work for the City.

The auditor’s office says, however, that the City is responsible for monitoring the contractors and making sure it is offering work to those who fulfill all legal obligations in terms of employment legislation.

A recent report by the Tehran Cultural Heritage News Agency revealed how children are being used to collect garbage across the city. The report indicates that municipal contractors have been using children in various City development projects and paying low wages.

The City, after years of denial, has finally accepted the report and is looking into rectifying the matter.