A group of students from the International University of Qazvin gathered to protest the recent acid throwing assualts on women in Isfahan and the authorities' failure to arrest the culprits.

Daneshjoo News reports that the students gathered in protest on Monday November 10, chanting slogans against the government's ineffective response to the incidents of acid throwing.

The incidents occurred as Parliament was reviewing a bill to allow volunteers recruited by mosques to enforce hijab, the Islamic dress code, in public.

The authorities have tried to present the attacks as isolated incidents and condemned any attempt to connect them to hijab enforcement.

Public demonstrations in support of the victims and in protest against government inaction have met with government resistance and some protesters have been summoned and interrogated by judiciary officials.

In a statement, the Qazvin university students stress that almost a month after the incidents, the police have made no headway in identifying the culprits in these crimes and have not been able to give women a sense of security.

They write: "Those who attack women with acid are going free while civic activists and journalists are being arrested?"

Some journalists were arrested after reporting on the protests and were only released after continued demands for their release by activists.