A member of the probe committee charged with investigation of Martyrs and Veteran’s Affairs Foundation announced that their committee is facing serious obstacles in its mission.

Morteza Afsalifard told Shahrvand on Sunday October 26: “We did not expect former heads of the foundation to slander us. A former head asked me on several occasions to stop the investigations.”

Afsalifard is referring to the head of the foundation during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration, Massoud Zaribafian.

A few weeks ago, another member of the probe committee spoke to the media about the discovery of 1.7 trillion rials of the foundation’s money being illegally moved to foreign accounts. He added that this was just the tip of the iceberg and the dimensions of corruption in the foundation were “cause for shame.”

A lack of financial transparency in its economic activities, the unaccounted sale of the foundation’s properties and a lack of transparency in the payment of benefits to veterans are among the concerns being addressed by the investigation.

Iran’s Martyrs and Veterans’ Affairs foundation is in charge of providing services for the veterans of the 1979 Revolution and the eight year war with Iraq.