Yazd officials have announced that a security-political delegation has been sent to Bafgh from Tehran in order to negotiate with the striking workers of the Bafgh Iron Ore Mine.

The Yazd governor’s office said their council will announce its decisions regarding the labour-management dispute tonight.
The report indicates that provincial officials have met with Ministry of Labour representatives to discuss the ongoing strike and the miners’ demands.

The deputy governor of Yazd also said the presence of riot police had been required at some point in the strike and they were accordingly dispatched to Bafgh at that time. He added that they were removed as soon as there was no longer any need for their presence.

Workers at the Bafgh Iron Ore Mine have been protesting against the plan to privatize the company and, following the arrest of a number of their colleagues, 5,000 workers stopped work to demand the release of their peers. The latest reports from Bafgh indicate that seven workers have been arrested and arrest warrants for 11 more have been issued.