Samereh Alinejad, an Iranian woman who pardoned her son’s murderer at the moment of his hanging, has been recognized as the Mother of Year in Istanbul.

The Shargh daily reported on Sunday that Alinejad had arrived in front of the Noor City Court for the execution of her son’s murderer and at the last moment she approached the condemned man, slapped him on the face, then removed the noose from his neck and forgave him.

Alinejad’s son, Abdollah, was killed by the convict during a street altercation six years ago.

The report adds that Alinejad and her story have become well-known to the people of Istanbul, which has led to the city honouring her as the Mother of the Year.

The award ceremony was to take place in Istanbul today, May 11; however, Alinejad was unable to make the trip to Turkey due to health complications.

Alinejad was quoted as saying: “I thank the people of Turkey and informed the Turkish embassy about my inability to make the trip. I truly would have liked to go and deliver a message of reconciliation and friendship from the people of Iran.”