A senior member of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team says he is not very optimistic about the outcome of the talks with the 5+1.

ISNA reports that Abbas Araghchi said the negotiations are extremely difficult, adding: “There are several complex and hard matters on the agenda, and it is very difficult to reach a resolution on them.”

“In view of our embedded cynicism about the West, I cannot say I am very optimistic,” Araghchi was quoted as saying.

“This cynicism coupled with the complexity of the issues makes it very difficult to be positive about the outcome,” Araqchi said.

Araghchi said one of the topics of discussion in the upcoming talks this month in Vienna is “peaceful nuclear cooperation with Iran.” He said: “We have proposed examples of these collaborations such as the establishment of light-water research reactors, collaboration on modern fuels and on research matters.”

He also cited collaboration on “power-generation plants, the establishment of research reactors, the production of radio-isotopes and nuclear medicine and nuclear agriculture” as other examples of possible cooperative efforts.