The Obama administration says it has temporarily dropped sanctions on Iran’s state broadcaster in a move aimed at building confidence in the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The announcement indicated the U.S. has determined that “harmful satellite interference” was no longer emanating from Iran, which had been the reason for the sanctions. The U.S. had accused Iran’s broadcaster of blocking foreign channels with interference.

With the lifting of these sanctions, non-U.S. companies will be allowed to provide broadcasting and satellite services to Iran without attracting any penalties from the U.S. government.

The move comes just as the U.S. is announcing new additions to its Iran-related blacklist; it says these new additions are being punished for having helped Iran avoid sanctions.

The Geneva agreement reached between Iran and the 5+1 has led to some sanctions relief, but the U.S. insists the deal does not necessarily mean Iran is open for business before a final deal has been reached.

Iran and the world powers are to meet on February 18 to continue nuclear negotiations.