Two Iranian-Arab political prisoners, Hashem Shaabaninejad and Hadi Rashedi, who were transferred to an unknown location in early December, are now reported to have been executed.

Human rights activist Karim Dahimi told Zamaneh that the Ahwaz Ministry of Intelligence informed the family today, January 29, that “the two prisoners were executed three days ago.”

Dahimi speculates, however, that they were executed immediately after their transfer, and the ministry’s statement that they were executed only three days ago is not true.

Over the past several weeks, the families of the missing men made several efforts to get word of their condition but failed to get any clear response from the authorities.

The remains of the two prisoners have not yet been handed over to their families.

Shaabaninejad and Rashedi were arrested for their membership in the cultural group Alhawar and were sentenced to death for the charge of “enmity against God and acting against national security.”

Their condition and treatment in prison had been a point of concern for Amnesty International.