Iran's Supreme Leader spoke in support of the Iranian nuclear negotiators today, stressing that red lines protecting the rights of the Iranian people must not be crossed.

IRNA reports that Ayatollah Khamenei addressed the Basij leaders today, November 20, 2013, speaking out against Israeli claims about Iran. He insisted that Iran is not looking for conflict and that Israel is the real threat to world peace.

Israel has been actively trying to stop world powers from reaching any agreement with Iran over its nuclear activities.
The Iranian leader singled out France for its close alliance to Israel.

Some reports indicate that France introduced last-minute changes to the proposals discussed in the last round of talks in Geneva, which reportedly caused the negotiations to end without any concrete agreements.

The Iranian leader added that Iran wants to have relations with all nations including the United States. He stressed, however, that the Islamic Republic has fought against "the World Arrogance with the US government as its head."

Diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States have been severed since the 1979 Revolution in Iran.