Attaollah Rezvani

The International Baha’i community has called on Iran to immediately investigate the murder of Iranian Baha,i citizen Attaollah Rezvani in the city of Bandar Abbas.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reports that the group is asking the Rohani administration to honour its promise of ensuring justice and human rights for all Iranians.

The Baha’i community suggests that the murder of Rezvani was motivated by religious prejudice and it calls on the Iranian government to pursue the case without delay.

Attaollah Rezvani, a former member of a Baha’i community group in Bandar Abbas, was shot to death in the back of the head on the night of August 24 in the southern Iranian city.

The report from the International Baha’i community claims that since 2005, nine Baha’i citizens have been killed in Iran under suspicious circumstances and 52 have been assaulted by unidentified assailants, and none of these cases has been pursued by the judiciary.