Reports from Iran indicate as line ups at polling stations persist, voting hours have been extended three hours  to 9 PM.

ISNA reports that head of National Elections announced that there is no shortage of ballots in any of the voting stations and the election process is continuing without any problems.

Mehr reports that according to Tehran Province Elections Office, voters in Tehran are participating in higher numbers compared to the last elections in 2009 and they estimate the rate of participation in the province would rach up to 70 percent.

The 2009 elections was tainted with widespread allegations of fraud ranging from shortage of ballots to actual misrepresentation in the vote count.

With the two reformist candidates of the 2009 elections still under house arrest, in the past weeks many Iranians were caught in a dilemma between boycotting the elections and voting for a more moderate candidate from amongst the few approved candidates.

The Guardian Council disqualified the top reformist candidate Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani from running in the elections but many reformist figures and groups have chosen to back the last remianing reformist candidate in the elections, Hassan Rohani.