The Abadan governor has announced that the remains of two unknown soldiers from the Iran-Iraq War were laid to rest at the the campus of the Open University of Abadan on Sunday April 14.

Mehr reports that the remains of the soldiers, aged 19 and 22, were discovered in the Fav region of Iraq and returned to Iran.

Bahram Ilkhaszadeh, the Abadan governor, decalared the ceremony to be an honour for the university.

Yesterday, the remains of another two soldiers from the war were laid to rest at the Open University of Zanjan.

According to Mehr, the search committee for missing soldiers of the armed forces has discovered the remains of 130 soldiers. Forty-six of these have been identified, and the rest will be buried as “unknown martyrs” in various provinces today, Sunday April 14.

The Iran-Iran War stretched from September of 1980 to August of 1988, leaving hundreds of thousands dead on both sides.