Saeed Jalili

Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, told ISNA after the talks in Almaty that Iran is after “the recognition of its right to uranium enrichment” and “an end to animosity against the Iranian people.”

He claimed the G5+1 representatives called for more time to consider the proposals and, after a transfer of the new data to their respective capitals, the EU’s Catherine Ashton will inform Iran of the results.

Asked under what condition Iran would consider suspending uranium enrichment, Jalili said: “Enrichment is our people’s right, be it at five percent or at 20. We have told them that this is our people’s right and we will act on this right according to our needs.”

He added that there is “national consensus” about the need to “defend the nuclear rights of Iran,” adding that “all political groups and the people are unanimous in their insistence on defending our nuclear rights.”