Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the BRICS member states, have expressed concern about military threats against Iran.

At the end of a two-day meeting in Durban, the five “emerging powers” announced on Wednesday March 27 that they oppose military threats against Iran, saying: “We are concerned about threats of military sanctions as well as unilateral sanctions [against Iran].”

The announcement came after military threats against Iran were renewed during the U.S. President’s trip to Israel.

Barack Obama has said that Iran is now just over a year away from building an atomic bomb, emphasizing that such a development will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Iran denies the allegations and still insists that its nuclear program is peaceful.

Obama once again confirmed his country’s “unconditional” support for Israel against Iran.

BRICS state members called once again for “political and diplomatic” means of resolving the disputes with Iran.

The group also expressed its grave concern regarding the deteriorating situation for people in Syria and called for a dispute-resolution process that is led by Syrians and ”that meets the legitimate aspirations of all sections of Syrian society and respects Syrian independence.”

Russia and China have continuously opposed moves by the U.S. through the UN to initiate foreign military intervention in Syria.