Faezeh Hashemi

Political prisoner Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of the head of Iran’s Expediency Council, has been released after six months in Evin Prison.

ILNA reports that Faezeh Hashemi was released on Tuesday March 19 at the end of her jail term, as her lawyer had previously announced.

Earlier, the authorities had made some indication that she might have to face further charges in a new case that could extend her jail sentence. He lawyer, however, contested the proceedings, and the court ruled in her favour.

Prison authorities repeatedly complained that Faezeh Hashemi violated prison rules and disrupted order in the facility. Hashemi was part of a group protest against the mistreatment of prisoners and the violation of their rights.

Faezeh Hashemi was sentenced to six months in jail for criticizing government authorities during an interview with the Roozonline website. She was charged with “propaganda activities against the regime” and has been banned from political and media activities for five years.