An Associated Press report indicates that the Obama administration is trying to come up with a new approach in its negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, hoping to offer a faster easing of economic sanctions in exchange for greater concessions from Tehran.

AP sources claim the new proposal is one of several ideas being mulled over before the next round of negotiations between the world powers and Iran so that those talks may succeed where all others have failed.

In the meantime, the IAEA is going to hold talks in Tehran in December in an attempt to clear its doubts about Iran’s nuclear activities.

On November 21, delegations from the U.S., Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia will meet in Brussels to discuss their strategy in the talks with Iran set for early next year.

AP sources, which have asked to remain anonymous, have said that the proposal will call for the suspension of high-grade uranium enrichment, the removal of Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile and the suspension of activities in the underground nuclear facilities at Fordo.

In exchange, the EU and the Unites States would commit to the speedy easing of sanctions on Iranian oil and other sectors.

The proposal is aimed at coming up with a resolution that would make it look like neither side has caved in.

Iran has so far refused to stop its uranium enrichment activities despite the ravages of international sanctions on its economy. So far, Iran’s oil revenues have fallen by half, which in turn has caused a rapid decline in the value of the national currency and made news of rising inflation, unemployment and shortages a daily concern.

On the other extreme, the U.S. congress is also considering a new proposal to impose more sanctions on Iran, creating further restrictions on its ability to do business on the international stage.