In the absence of the Saudi representative, Tehran has offered its “road map” for resolving the current Syrian crisis at the trilateral meeting between Iran, Egypt and Turkey.

The meeting of the three countries was initiated by Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi, who had called on the four countries to cooperate in finding a solution to the Syrian conflict.

An earlier meeting of deputy ministers had already taken place last week with the participation of all four representatives.

ISNA reported on Tuesday that the road map was presented by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi.

The proposal includes “the simultaneous denouncement of conflict and violence by the two sides, an emphasis on a peaceful resolution without foreign intervention, the halting of all financial, military and training support for military groups, the start of a dialogue between the government and the opposition groups, the establishment of a national reconciliation committee with the participation of all groups, the dispatch of observers from the four counties to follow up on the process of ceasefire and dialogue, an emphasis on guarding Syrian national and territorial unity, plus support for reform and the realization of a democratic approach.”

“We believe that if we reach an impasse in offering a political solution, we will be preparing the ground for anarchy in all its forms, which will find its way to all neighbouring countries and the region as a whole,” Salehi was quoted as telling his Egyptian and Turkish counterparts.

Iran has remained a supporter of the Beshar Assad regime throughout the 18 months of conflict, while Turkey has supported Assad’s opposition.

The meeting of representatives from the three countries took place in Cairo on Tuesday night.

The Saudi foreign minister was also scheduled to attend this meeting but cancelled at the last minute.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davotoglu said: “We have begun a regional initiative but we cannot expect to reach a result in just one or two meetings.”

He admitted to having differences as well as shared views, which he said will be the basis of continued talks.

He added that the talks will continue on September 25 and 26 in New York.