The first phase of Iran’s “national internet” has been launched in 28 provinces, and the remaining provinces will also have access by the end of the month.

Reza Taghipour, Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced that when the first phase of the “national intelligence network” is launched in all provinces, the web will be divided into the World Wide Web and the national internet in Iran.

He added that this division does not mean that the World Wide Web will not be accessible in Iran but that users will be able to access the “national intelligence network” alongside the World Wide Web.

The Iranian government has described the internet as a threat to decency and security, which they have proposed to overcome by launching a national internet.

Iran’s Intelligence Minister has repeatedly warned against “new threats” aimed at the Islamic Republic regime through social networking websites and email services, which according to him are means of gathering information about individuals and feeding them false information.