Ali Bagheri

Iran and the world powers have agreed to continue nuclear talks, after their nuclear experts ended a 15-hour discussion in Istanbul early today.

Those talks began yesterday amid doubts that the negotiations would progress, since the previous session last month in Moscow ended without any substantive agreement.

Delgations of both ides met in Istanbul yesterday for expert-level talks, and according to the report they wrapped things up after 1 AM reaching an agreement to implement the "Moscow Plan" which begins with meetings between European Union representative Helga Schmid and her Iranian counterpart, Ali Bagheri,

The meeting between Schmid and Bagheri will determine whether full-scale negotiations over the nuclear disputes will be resumed or not.

Nuclear talks resumed last April after a 15-month break. Since then, Iran and the world powers have met three times but so far they have reached no agreements.

The West is suspicious of Iran’s nuclear program, but Iran insists that all its nuclear activities and ambitions are peaceful.