Saeed Jalili

Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, has told the EU’s Catherine Ashton in a letter that using “illegitimate measures” against Iran could damage the prospects of the coming nuclear talks in Istanbul.

Jalili’s letter, which was written only two days before EU sanctions against Iranian oil exports take effect, criticizes the Western approach, saying: “The Islamic Republic is prepared to participate as before in taking initiatives to take the talks forward toward a successful end.

The head of Iran’s Supreme Council of National Security goes on to write, however, that the talks can only more forward in a framework of collaboration and trust-building.

He adds that those who use “illegitimate tools” instead of “logic” are responsible for damaging the constructive development of the nuclear negotiations.

The EU member states have agreed to observe an oil embargo against Iran starting July 1 in order to force Iran accept their demands regarding its nuclear activities.

Despite three rounds of talks in recent months, the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program still remains unresolved.
Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful, but the West remains unconvinced.