A group of 800 workers at Metal Industries of Iran gathered in front of the president’s office to demonstrate against rights violations.

ILNA cited one of the workers saying they have not been paid their wages or benefits in the past four months, and the new management owes each worker four million toumans.

The report also indicates that the workforce at Metal Industries of Iran has been reduced from 1,200 to 800 workers, and management has consistently withheld wages in the past year, so that eight months’ worth is now owed.

The workers also indicate that many of them are employed on a contract basis and lack the necessary benefits.

Yesterday, laid-off workers from Shahab Car Manufacturing gathered in front of the Ministry of Labour office to protest against their job losses.

The workers said the layoffs hit employees with anywhere from eight to 22 years of experience.

Labour activists report that factories have laid off 30 percent of their workers since the beginning of the Iranian New Year, which started March 20.

Many manufacturing companies and factories have gone bankrupt in recent years due to the lack of government support and the cheap Chinese goods that flood the market.