Mana Jafari – Sahameddin Bourghani

Jailed Iranian journalist Sahameddin Bourghani and detained poet and blogger Mana Jafari were released on bail today by Islamic Republic authorities.

The Kaleme opposition website reports that Bourghani was released after 40 days in jail. He reportedly had been held in solitary confinement for close to a month and was under pressure to admit to allegations of collaborating with Persian BBC, which the Islamic Republic has equated with espionage in recent months.

The RAHANA website also reports that Mana Jafari, the editor-in-chief of 35anj website, has also been released on bail after two weeks in custody.

Jafari was arrested on February 14, when protesters were rallied to join a march of silence to protest the continued house arrest of Iran’s opposition leaders and the plight of other political prisoners.

Reports indicate that many detainees from February 14 were released late that night, but some who were suspected of organizing chants and slogans are still in custody in an undetermined state.