Reza Shahabi

The lawyer for jailed labour activist Reza Shahabi has denounced his client’s undetermined judicial state and called for his release.

Massoud Shafii told ISNA today that his client has not been called to court since June.

Shahabi, a member of the Sherkat-e Vahed bus drivers union, has been on a hunger strike for weeks to protest his undetermined state.

Shafii said that Shahabi’s trial has been delayed on several occasions mainly because the authorities resisted his choice of attorney.

Shafii said he represented Shahabi last May, when he pleaded not guilty on all charges of propaganda against the regime and acting against national security.

Shafii also said that according to the judicial documents on the case, Shahabi can be released on bail, and his family is prepared to put up the bail; however, he still remains behind bars.

Shahabi is also reportedly suffering from severe neck problems.

He was taken to hospital for tests after three weeks on a hunger strike, and doctors are unanimous in his need for treatment in hospital.