Several Iranians have been injured in an armed attack on a bus in quake-stricken Van, Turkey.

ILNA reports that a group of armed individuals in a car opened fire on the Iranian passenger bus and injured eight people.

The Turkish daily Hürriyet reported that the bus had left for Syria with 40 passengers when it was overtaken by two armed individuals in a car. The report says the assailants tried to stop the bus; however, the driver managed to press on another 10 kilometres to the nearest road security station, despite having suffered a head injury.

The report adds that the injured people have been transferred to hospital for treatment, adding that no one is in critical condition.

Van is the largest city in eastern Turkey, near the Iranian border, and is mainly Kurdish. In the past week, Van has been hit by two strong earthquakes, and Iranian refugees in Van have been in dire circumstances, trying to leave the area.