Eshagh Al-Habib

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations described Ahmad Shaheed’s report as “unfair, unreliable and unacceptable,” adding that the Islamic Republic is ready to provide the UN rapporteur with the necessary information.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Eshagh Al-Habib, the deputy permanent representative of the Islamic Republic at the UN, said Shaheed’s report is a “one-sided report filled with political objectives of the U.S. and its European allies.”

Shaheed’s critical report on the state of human rights in Iran, which was published this week, has been slammed by Iranian authorities.

Al-Habib insisted that the report is based on “weak sources, exaggerated and outdated claims aimed at deceiving the human rights system of the United Nations.”

He added that Shaheed’s report was prepared “hastily” and did not take into consideration any of the “achievements and developments in human rights” in Iran.

Shaheed has insisted, however, that his report is well-documented.

Eshagh Al-Habib went on to say that the Islamic Republic is prepared to provide information to the rapporteur so he can prepare a “fair, balanced, non-political, rich and well-documented” report.

He urged the UN Human Rights High Commissioner to review Shaheed’s report and omit the “repetitive and false claims” based on the information provided by the Islamic Republic.