Radio Zamaneh celebrates its 5-th year anniversary


In September of 2011, Radio Zamaneh will celebrate its fifth year of existence. Radio Zamaneh was founded to be the voice of the unheard Iranian people, from its first broadcast out of Amsterdam in August 2006. Since then, it has become one of the most important sources of information for Iranians inside Iran. This has proven to be especially true during the days of street protests after the presidential election in 2009.


Radio Zamaneh s vision as an independent and impartial media broadcaster is to be a platform for young Iranians to share their views and opinions no matter which ethnic, religious or sexual background they may have. The young generation in Iran makes up more than 70% of the Iranian population. However, it is a generation whose voice has gone unheard, since the Iranian authorities have ignored the demands of the youth in Iranian society. In order to provide the youth with a voice, Added to its independent, journalistic programming, Radio Zamaneh encourages young Iranians to contribute to its programming, both on radio and on the website. This concept of Citizen Journalism is singular in the Iranian media landscape.


Radio Zamaneh transmits radio broadcasts via satellite to Iran. Its website has been enjoying enormous popularity amongst Iranians both inside and outside Iran, with more than 27 million webpage hits in 2010.


 About Radio Zamaneh:

Radio Zamaneh offers independent professional media, citizen reporting, e-learning courses, cultural activities and internet freedom and other access to information activities to an Iranian public.

In 2005, Press Now partnered up with a team of Iranian journalists to form Radio Zamaneh. The Dutch government decided to support the development of media plurality in Iran after a unanimous vote in parliament. Today, Radio Zamaneh is supported by, amongst others, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FreePressUnlimited, the European Union, and many others.

Radio Zamaneh was established in 2006 as a non-profit organization under Dutch law. The station depends on donor support for its finances. It has no ties to any political, ethnic or social group inside or outside Iran. Internet broadcasting started on 4 August 2006, while satellite broadcasting started on 1 September 2006.