Peyman Aref (middle)

Peyman Aref, a detained Iranian activist and member of the Nationalist Front of Iran, was flogged 74 times on Sunday in accordance with an earlier sentence.

Samira Jamshidi, Aref’s wife, told the Iran Human Rights Home website that the flogging sentence was carried out at the end of his prison term, before his release.

A Tehran Revolutionary court sentenced the Iranian activist to 74 lashes as well as one year in jail and a lifetime ban from journalism and political activity for the charge of “insulting the president.”

Jamshidi reports that while her husband’s morale is high, his back was badly injured during the flogging.

Aref, a journalist and former student activist as well a member of the reformist organization the Nationalist Front of Iran, was arrested in the protests that followed the disputed re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

Samieh Towhidloo, another political activist and blogger, was arrested for 70 days in the post-election crackdown. In September she was subjected to 50 lashes.

The Revolutionary Court had sentenced her to one year in jail and 50 lashes; the appellate court struck down the jail term but upheld the flogging.