Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane in the vicinity of Fordo, its uranium-enrichment plant in the suburbs of Qom, an Iranian MP announced.

RIA Novosti reports that Iranian MP Ali Aghazadeh Dafsari said the drone had been flying over the Fordo uranium-enrichment site near the holy city of Qom in central Iran. Its purpose, he said, was to relay information about the nuclear power plant to the CIA.

Aghazadeh added that U.S. drones are often sent over Iran via the Persian Gulf countries. So far the U.S. has not reacted to the news.

According to the member of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Iranian intelligence has been successful so far in identifying and “defusing their conspiracies.”

Last December, the IRGC reported downing two other U.S. spy drones in the Persian Gulf. However, the news was denied by U.S. authorities.

The IRGC responded to U.S. denials by reiterating what its forces had done and adding that it possessed a drone’s fuselage.