The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) has claimed responsibility for the recent military attack near the western Iranian city of Marivon.

A statement on the dissident militia group’s website says the attack was a response to the execution of Hossein Khezri and “pressure being put on the people of Kurdistan.”

Hossein Khezri, a Kurdish-Iranian political prisoner, was executed in January in Oroumiyeh Prison with no advance notice given to his lawyer or family.

He was charged with activities against national security and an armed attack on a border security officer seven years ago. Khezri has denied all charges.

According to PJAK, the attack on Marivon actually occurred on March 31, not on April 2, as Iranian state media have reported.

The dissident group say its guerrillas attacked a military base between between Oskoul and Sianav near Marivon, alleging that a plan to attack PJAK forces was being formulated at the base. Already it was targeting PJAK bases with daily artillery fire, the group says.

PJAK says nine security forces members were killed, many more were wounded, and the base “was completely destroyed.” Iranian state media reported four people dead and two wounded.

In February, PJAK claimed responsibility for a previous attack on Marivon security forces that left four people dead or wounded.

PJAK is a militant organization in Iranian Kurdistan that claims to fight for the rights of Kurdish people in Iran.
The group has ties with the Kurdish militant group PKK in Turkey. Islamic Republic considers PJAK to be a terrorist group.