Iran’s parliament has once again condemned the presence of Saudi and UAE forces in Bahrain and warned of possible consequences.

A statement from Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commisssion describes the Saudi and UAE presence as an “occupation” reminiscent of Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait.

Hundreds of Saudi and UAE forces have entered Bahrain to put down a popular uprising against the ruling monarchy. Their presence has been justified as a security measure to protect oil and gas installations.

The Bahraini opposition maintains that any interference by foreign forces is an occupation of the country.

Iranian authorities have called on Bahrain to recognize the protesters’ right to demonstrate peacefully and express their demands.

In its latest announcement, the Iranian parliament points to what it calls “the people’s struggle for freedom and democracy” in the region, especially in Libya.

Bahrain has denounced Iran’s stance on the uprisings in Manama and accused it of interfering in Bahrain’s domestic affairs.

Both countries have recalled their ambassadors and expelled a diplomat from the other country. Bahrain has also stopped all fights to and from Iran.

Bahrain has close relations with the U.S., and Manama is home to the U.S. fifth fleet.

Iran has signed security agreements with Bahrain for cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorism.