Workers from the Shiraz Meat Industrial Complex gathered in protest in front of the governor’s office today, a move that coincided with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s trip to Shiraz for the launch of new industrial projects.

Sobh-e Omid website reports that 107 workers were laid off from the Meat Industrial Complex last year without receiving their pension and severance payments. According to the report, the workers’ demands total 27-million-dollars.

They reportedly tried to move their protest close to where Ahmadinejad was giving a speech but they were pushed back by security forces.

The report adds that numerous industries in Fars province have undergone financial distress since Ahmadinejad’s administration came to power almost six years ago, and he has been greeted by worker protests during several of his trips to Shiraz.

In recent weeks, labour protests have also been reported in Tehran and Tabriz. ILNA reported that 1,800 workers at Tabriz Petrochemical Construction Complex have been staging demonstrations at the plant since last Thursday, demanding job security, benefits and better pay. Saham News reported similar protests in Tehran’s Kian Tyre Factory.