Two members of the Iranian reformist party Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution were arrested today, two days after the party issued a statement warning against extremism and government extremists.

Emrooz website reports that Mehdi Tahaghoghi and Ahmad Hashemi, who were officials of former president Mohammad Khatami’s reform government, were arrested and taken to an unknown location today.

This follows the arrest of two other Mojahedin party members, Ali Bagheri and Abdollah Nesseri.

Following the controversial 2009 elections and the widespread protests in the country, the Mujahedin of the Islamic Revolution was outlawed by the judiciary, along with the Islamic Iran Participation Front, Iran’s other major reformist party.

Opposition websites report the arrest of several other reformist figures, saying the government has started a new wave of arrests following the revival of the street protests on February14.

Human rights groups also report that in the February 20 protests hundreds of people were arrested.